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1946  Founded Yi Li Science Plant for Grinding           Vitrified (Ceramic) Wheel.

1948   A Domestic Pioneer in the First Wheel.

1965   Anchor Vitrified Wheel to Approve of a           Trademark.

1967 Represented R.O.C. Industrial Products            for World Exposition.

1972   Technical Cooperation with US           CARBORUNDUM CO., LTD.

1977   Established  "TZUJAN  Technology           Institute".

1979  Five-Year Plan for Increase Production to           Overall Update the Equipment, Anchor B           Wheel to Approve of a Trademark.

1981  The Introduction of 500-Ton Swing           Automatic  Molding  Machine  and              Shroud Micro-  Controlled Vehicle Kiln.

1984  Wheel Providers Start Using the First           Micro- controlled Channel Burning Kiln.           Diamond and CBN Wheel Have           Successfully Developed to Become a           Comprehensive Grinding Plant that Strides           across Diamond,  CBN and Traditional           Wheel.

1987 A Branch Company in Thailand Founded           to Strengthen Overseas International           Marketing Net. (TICA-Sales Dept.)

1988 To Buy The Third Plant for an Official           Mass  Production of Resin Grinding           Section Wheel.
1992   Established THAI GIA. (Factory)
1995   Honored German TUV ISO 9002            Certificate.

1996   Honored Bureau of Standards, Metrology            and Inspection ISO 9002 Certificate.            Honored German TUV ISO 9001            Certificate.

1997   Honored Taiwan Refined Article Prize.

1998   To Buy 3000-Ton Forming Machine to      
          Increase Business Opportunity and  Promote            Enterprise Image.

2001  Prepared to Establish Su Zhou Plant in            China and Thailand Plant Open Up            Working to Build  a Complete Supply             Network.

2002   To Establish Su Zhou Office and Su Zhou             Plant in China .

2002  To Expand Super Abrasive Plant for             Overall Equipment to Step Up.

2002   Su Zhou Plant in China and Thailand Plant             for Official Mass Production.

2002 Move from Bangkok to Nongkhae,             Saraburi.
2007   TICA assemble THAI GIA.